Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sketch Book Pages - Number 8

More grey splotch doodles.

Mr. Brute Angel, ground smash.

Barnes & Noble book store people sketches.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pen case: R.I.P.

I've completely lost my pen collection case. I've looked everywhere the last three days.

The dearly departed: 12 Microns of various sizes, my Pentel pocket brush, two Rapidographs, some rare Japanese nibs, Copics and many more pen goodies (I won't bore you further).

I feel like I've lost a part of me. Luckily I can buy new ones, but the art history mojo that are laced on the old pens... I can never get back.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Sketch Book Pages - Number 7

Always keep an eye on your corn dog.

Kauslaw POPS into our existence every 3 years.
Old Man Hickory, what a hoot!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sketch Book Pages - Number 6

From the mouths of babes.

PuffleButt the Bear. Eating a snowball on a stick.

From the diary of Uruketh.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Drinking dogs in suits!

Some commission work for a friend.

Sketch Book Pages - Number 5

If I could make a Chinese kettle.

Peas in a pod, monkey is suspicious.

Negative space tomfoolery.
Having fun playing.  These were probably drawn around the end of November 2012.