Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Fiction Project Oddessy Starts...

I just got it in the mail a few scant days before the heart of the holiday season. My subject is Nightmare. So I'll be digging up old dream memories of the past... that stuck-out as totally disturbing to me.

This will be the most honest account of the strangeness of my unconsciousness. I'm nervous on how people will react. I mean all of it is intangible (not real) in a sense, right? But these are... and were... fading glimpses deep inside of me at one point. Entities that invaded my dreams, and objects telling me how to do things, etc.

It could all be my brain de-fragmenting like a computer, so I can remember the next day, and keep my mind less cluttered. Maybe it is my true self communicating ideas...

All I can do now is document them as best I can, I've got till May first.

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Carolina said...

This is truly exciting. I can't wait to see what you come up with!
I have a diary only for dreams. It's the weirdest things, but it's the most interesting to our subconsciousness.