Friday, July 19, 2013

Mr. Zucchini Watercolor

"Pardon me?" He smirked. 
"That is James Horatio Zucchini the third to you... my sweet dear."

This what my drawing would act like if he was real, but Mr. Zucchini is not. I muse stories out of my drawings on daily basis, each one has a back story... only I know. This smug gentleman was sussed up at a coffee shop near my friend's house in the northern suburbs of Minnesota.

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donaldstraight said...

I remember, sitting in a small restaurant in Idaho having lunch with you & grams,when walla:, a napkin with doodles appeared. Cute little lady eyed it & b-4 a word was said you handed it over saying I'm an artist,signed by you,proud as a peacock! She smiled & winked at you saying I'll keep IT as it was tucked
into her apron pocket as she sashayed
back into the kitchen. You were 14 yrs old at the time & already knew your calling,MAN,I'm still looking for mine NICK!