Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Richard Scarry's Lowly the Worm.

Hello there!
Many of Richard's works have left an indelible watermark on me. 
Scarry's influence is still in the recesses of my mind... buried in my own art.

But Lowly stands out as the single most bizarre character of my childhood.  Before I could read around three years of age, I thought he was a snake.  Wandering the pages Lowly was virtually ignored by the other people of Busy Town.  I found it exciting, that he could go unnoticed... sliding around so to speak.  Until I could grasp a basic understanding he was actually a WORM!

 It made me uneasy, how could a worm get that big? It opened up my mind... that things in the world that you perceived to be true, and concrete... can change on you on a dime.  Life is full of surprises, I plan on making a few of my own.

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