Saturday, July 27, 2013

Thün Bleats a War Cry: "Drink, and be merry... fools!"

Heeyy yoooou guuuys! (classic sloth voice).
A magic idea was brought to my attention via email earlier this week. Drew Brockington a fantastic cartoonist, and recent transplant to the Twin Cities. He suggested a group of us should go to Manning's (Como Ave.) to drink hootch and draw some art. It was an outstanding idea! 

I watched Peter on my left... magically make beautiful images appear out of thin air onto the page. On my right Todd deftly whisked squids, and horror trees from gauche. Across from me Brockington birthed lumberjacks in skinny jeans from brushed ink.

This watercolor goat-man was the result of a few beers, and my always slyly hidden flask full of rum. More nights like these please! My only complaint about the illustration is... I made his outfit too matchey. The mind of a drunken artist is a strange thing.

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